How do I add a job vacancy?
Start by clicking ‘Advertise’ in the top menu then follow the steps.

How do I register as an advertiser?
You will be provided with login details when you add your first job / vacancy.

What type of job vacancies can I advertise?
You can list any job related to any denomination of the Christian faith.
To include, but not limited to… Anglicanism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Methodism, Quakers.

I posted my job – Why isn’t it on the site?
We review jobs before publishing to ensure that they comply with our terms and conditions.
Please allow up to 12 hours, though this usually takes a lot less time.

How long does my job appear for on Churchdrum?
30 days – If you wish to extend this period then you will need to purchase another job vacancy advert.

Can I change my advert once it has been published?
Corrections to the main body copy are accepted but the job title has to remain constant.
If you want to make changes email us at contact@churchdrum.co.uk

How do I make payment?
Job vacancy adverts can be paid for by Cheque, BACS or online through Paypal. Credit Card payments can be processed by Paypal even if you aren’t a member.
If you choose to pay by Cheque or BACS your job will still appear on the website on the same day as it is submitted. We will then invoice you by email.

Can I add documents to the job description?
You are free to link to documents, such as application forms, job spec etc. But you can’t upload them directly to the Churchdrum website.

Can multiple jobs be listed on a single advert?
We like to think we offer a great value service and hope that people are happy with the price we charge without having to squeeze a little more out of us. So the answer is Er! No!


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